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Shaping the Internet: History and Impact of IXP Growth

It’s 1990: the Internet has a few million users and the first commercial companies have recently embraced this new distributed infrastructure. Sending traffic from a network in one region to another typically depends on large transit providers (Tier-1s). These Tier-1s sit at the top of the hierarchy formed by a few thousand existing Autonomous Systems…
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QTS Richmond NAP Summit

On May 6th, RVA-IX participated in the first QTS Richmond NAP Summit. NAP is Network Access Point and the QTS Richmond NAP is a peering access point allowing to networks around the world to pass internet traffic as efficiently as possible with lowest latency and best performance. The NAP is already offer direct peering with content and connections from the MAREA and BRUSA sub sea fibers connecting Europe and South America.

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RVA-IX is Richmond’s only non-profit community focused internet exchange working to keep local internet traffic local. Making the Internet experience better for Richmond and the surrounding localities. [embeddoc url="" download="all"]
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